Thursday, 4 April 2013

So today is yet another day.  It's another chance to start anew!

 That means we can make a positive change in someone's life, or we can actively seek destruction through negativity.  That whole "I'm going to be nasty to that girl over there because she looked at me funny!"-thing only creates negativity repercussions for yourself and nobody wants that!  I think, because we've all been through hardships, we all deserve a little sweetness in our lives!  If that sweetness is your best friend surprising you with a personalized cupcake when you're having a bad day, or your significant other taking out the trash, or saying, "Why don't you go get ready to cuddle, while I get a start on laundry?" then that's worth celebrating!!
  My wish is that everyone reading this goes out and makes a small, positive difference in someone's life.  Maybe that person will in turn, do something small and positive for someone else? Who knows what will happen! That's life, haha! So what's your wish?

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